Thursday, January 16, 2020

Alocs Portable Kung Fu Tea Set

I do get a stocking still, since I am single.  It's a perk of being the single child, lol.

I got this adorable "camping" tea set.  Not sure where I will use it, but it is super fun and portable.  Maybe when I go biking, I will pack this in my back pack.

And least  you think that I am not grateful for this stocking gift, since I am not sure where I will use it, I picked it out.  My mom did not have much for my stocking and asked if I had anything she could put in it.  I had just gotten this tea set, so I gave this to her to give to me.  I know we are super silly.

This set is so cute and so little.  Not sure how practical it is, but I look forward to drinking out of it.  And with Kung Fu tea drinking it will be perfect.  If I were looking to drink tea the regular way it really would not work, but with Kung Fu it would work.  

The "Regular Way", is brewing 8 ounces and typically pouring it into an 8 oz cup and drinking it all at one time. You brew the tea once and drink the tea.  Basically I would I would want larger cups to drink from.

With Kung Fu you are putting tea in the pot, adding water, letting it steep for seconds and then drinking.  So, you are drinking little amounts but over a long period of time.  You can add water to the tea leaves over 10 times if you want.  

When I took the Kung Fu class we added water to the leaves at least 8 times, let the tea steep seconds and then drank it.  It is a fun, different way to drink tea.  I like to enjoy different ceremonies.

Earl Grey thinks we are having a tea party...

It all packs up and fits inside the pot.  The handle unscrews and comes off.


It is nice how it fits in this little bag.  It makes it super portable.  And I love that it is not fragile...but it looks like it is pottery.

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