Friday, February 21, 2020

Ohio Tea Company, Love Potion #9

I ordered some new teas to try.  All of these were new teas I had never tried before.  I decided to try a new one that was not even on there website yet, I just happened to see it on Facebook.

It is called Love Potion #9....

These ladies and I love Ohio Tea Company.  So, whenever each of us get tea we share with each other so we can all discover new teas.

All three of us tried this tea and discovered we loved it!!  The dissolving hearts are extra fun too.  This tea is sweet, you can taste the dried raspberries.  I don't get the vanilla, but that is okay, I get all the other notes of black tea, ginger and cocoa.  I think that this tea would also be really great iced.

  Why, Why, Ohio Tea do you keep coming up with amazing teas?!!!???

I am in trouble, this is a another great tea!

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