Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ohio Tea Company, Orange Spice 1 and Orange Spice 2

Taste testing at work....

When  I went to  Ohio Tea Company on my birthday I purchased this Orange Spice tea.  We now call it, Orange Spice #1.

Ohio Tea is having a contest to see which tea people like better Orange Spice #1 or Orange Spice #2.

I made both teas at work, so my friends and I could see which tea we liked best.  With three of us doing this, there would not be a tie, lol.

This is Orange Spice #2.

I made both teas the same way.  The water was over 200 degrees.  The teas were steeped for 3 minutes.

After steeping the tea.  I made 3 cups of each for us to sample.

Deb picked #2 with ease.  I picked #1, for me it was a no brainer.

So the tie breaker was Amy.  She struggled with her choice.  Which I thought was funny.  Deb and I knew right away which tea we liked. 

Amy then decided on Orange Spice #1, like me :) 

I went with Orange Spice #1- it was sweeter and it not so much cinnamon.   I like the black tea with a touch of sweetness. 

This is what is happening on Facebook with the contest...

Looks like my tea lost.  But, it was a fun contest.  Tea Testing is always fun.  

You can gather your friends/family and try two teas that are the same made by two different companies and do your own comparing of the teas.  Get creative. 

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