Saturday, April 11, 2020

Ohio Tea- tea shopping on my birthday

Have you been to Ohio Tea Company yet?  If you are in Ohio, you need to check out this place!  If you don't live on Ohio- go on line and shop.  

These guys know what they are doing.  They know their tea.  Check them out.  I love this place and try to get there once a month :)  

If you sign up on line you get a 1/2 oz of free tea a month. It is a great way to try new teas.

I had the day off for my birthday, so one of the places I wanted to go was Ohio Tea Company.  I was excited that they gave me one of their new teas that had not even hit the shelves yet!!!

They had two Orange Spice teas that they could not decide which one was best.  I bought one of the Orange Spice teas and they gave me the new one to try.  They said I could take it back to my office and try it with friends and co-workers that love tea too.

You will have to check out my blog on the Orange Spice teas to see which one I liked...

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