Monday, January 4, 2021

Pioneer Coffeehouse, Hugo Gui Shan Oolong Tea, Dalton Ohio

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A nice quiet day in October I had some errands to run, but I also new I needed to prepare for my Sunday School class lesson the next day.

So, I grabbed my Bible and my lesson plans and stopped at this coffee/tea shop for an hour of devoted study time.  

This Oolong tea was really great.  I love that Pioneer gives you a pot, a cup, and a timer.  This lets you create the PERFECT cup of tea.  My only recommendation would be that the cup would be a little bigger- so that you could pour the entire cup of tea into the cup.  The tea that doesn't fit in the cup then over steeps and is no longer good.   But, what you do get in the cup is wonderful.

The Oolong flavor is great.  I pick up notes of spice- like pepper.  Also a bit of sandalwood. To me there is something about the Oolong flavor that I can pick out so easily in a cup of tea, and I definitely found it here.

I really enjoyed this tea.  I love a good Oolong. There are notes of sandalwood and pepper along with the great Oolong flavor.  I give this tea a 5- the price is good and the flavor is excellent.  I also really appreciate that they take the time to be sure to get the water temp and steeping time correct.

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