Sunday, January 3, 2021

Friends Cafe Lego Building Block Set

So, this year my office did this awesome thing where they gave each a $100 Amazon card and a name of someone in the office.  We then got to play Secret Santa for each other.  I love that my office did this!  What a great idea for us employees to buy things for our co-workers.

Below is what I got!  I love it.  I have always wanted the Friends Lego set, but I would never pay the $50 for it.  Now, I was able to ask Secret Santa for it.  

It took a bunch of steps, but they were super easy to follow.  The hardest thing was keeping Earl Grey out of the box and out of the way while I worked on it.

This one took me a few hours to do.  I worked on it several nights for a few hours each night.

Earl Grey loved to help me too.

Thank you to my office for Secret Santa this year- this was so much fun!!

Here is my Lego Tea Set up....

Maybe someday these can be displayed in my tea cafe....

Japanese Tea House

Chinese Tea House

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