Friday, January 1, 2021

DavidsTea Sticky Rice Oolong

Oolong tea, Sticky rice leaves (Nuo Mi Xiang).

From the Website, "We used a Chinese herb called Nuo Mi Xiang (aka “sweet rice tender leaves”), which naturally tastes and smells just like sticky rice.What makes ours unique? The rice leaf and oolong are processed together, so you get that authentic taste naturally."

I love Oolong tea.  There is something wonderful about the Oolong flavor.   One of the give aways when you see tea rolled into balls is that it is probably Oolong.  When the tea steeps the balls unfurl, it's beautiful.

Below are the unfurled tea leaves.

Oolong tea is somewhat delicate, so you don't want to bruise the leaves, you want the water to be around 180-185 degrees.  You steep for 4-5 minutes.  The aroma is so sweet and you notice it as soon as you open the bag.

Oolong tea is really good with Asian food.  Ever since I learned that Oolong pairs great with Asian food, when I make Asian food or pick up take out, I make Oolong tea.  And what better tea then Sticky Rice Oolong!

I gave this tea 4 tea cups.  It had that Oolong flavor I love and the notes of sticky rice were there too.  It was amazing how this tea really tasted of sticky rice.  The only reason I gave this 4 and not 5 tea cups is because there were some salty notes too.  The saltiness took away from the tea, but it was still really good.

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