Sunday, December 27, 2020

Smith, Hibiscus Mango Iced Tea

I am a big fan of Smith Tea.  I am also a huge fan of Hibiscus and Mango.  So, when I saw this iced tea I was super excited.  Smith was offer a sale, so I purchased this tea.  I should have read ALL of the ingredients first.  I missed that it had Rooibos in it.  Big bummer, I wasn't able to finish the pitcher of tea.  And I ended up giving the entire package to my sister since she loves Rooibos. 

From the website, "A bright mango forward infusion of juicy hibiscus flowers, orange peel and smooth rooibos. Caffeine-free for enjoyment any time of day. One sip and everything’s rosy."

 For me, I just could not get past the Rooibos notes.  I wanted to love this tea, but I just couldn't,  For me, this was a 1 tea cup rating.  So, sorry Smith tea.

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