Saturday, December 26, 2020

Miss Amy's Bakery Spiced Chai

I was excited to try the new hot coco bombs that I kept seeing on social media. It appeared every time I was on the computer these cocoa bombs were popping up.  They looked so great and I thought they might make great gifts too.

I did some searching to find them.  The first store I went to was out, they said that they were flying off the shelves.  So, then I went to Miss Amy's in Wooster Ohio and they had a few left.

Miss Amy's has all kinds of great looking treats!

I decided to get a few for gifts, and this spiced chai for myself.

These bombs were $5 each, which I thought was pricey.   They are big and packaged nicely, but I would have bought more if they had not been as expensive.  The price did not seem to stop others, as they were selling so quickly in the shop.

I made my spiced chai with heated and frothed milk.

Once the milk was heated,  I poured it over the cocoa bomb.  I could see the bomb starting to melt and gradually open.

Inside the bomb was spiced chai and marshmallows.  There was a lot of spiced chai inside, I wish I used a bigger cup, I think I could have made twice as much chai.  

The spiced chai flavor was really nice. It was super rich.  There was also a gold coloring in it that was fun too.

I gave this 4 teacups.  The flavor was really good, but the bombs were really big and a bit pricey.   There was so much inside this bomb, that I could have almost made two cups.  I would think that if the bomb was a little smaller and a little cheaper that they may actually sell more and the flavor would be just as good.

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