Thursday, December 24, 2020

Pioneer Coffeehouse, Peppermint London Fog and White Chocolate Chai, some of the 12 Drinks of Christmas

Pioneer Coffeehouse, a local coffee shop, is doing this great thing this Christmas....the 12 drinks of Christmas.  I love it!  So creative.  I went for the Peppermint London Log.  

This is your Earl Grey with the great addition of peppermint.   All the proceeds from this drink go directly to buy Christmas gifts for children places in foster care here in Wayne County in partnership with

This was a really good drink.  A mice blend of flavors.  The peppermint may have over shadowed the London Fog a little, that is why it is a 4 and not a 5.  Still a great drink.

A few days later...

The 9th drink was the Coconut Chai Latte, I was excited to try that one.  I went a little after 12 and they were already out of coconut.  I guess it was a hit with a lot of people.  I went for the white chocolate chai.  I love that they are doing these 12 drinks of Christmas- it is great marketing too.

I was not sure I was going to like it, since I am not a big white chocolate fan.  But, I loved it.  The white chocolate was not over powering.  It blended really well with the chai.  I would get notes of the white chocolate and then of spice.    I surprised myself with thinking this is a 5 tea cup drink.  

 You can see Pioneer from Route 30


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