Sunday, December 20, 2020

Enlighten Milk Bubble Tea Building Block Set

I am having so much fun finding these Lego tea sets.  Most of these sets are not found in the states, so the hunt to find them on line it fun.  They take about a month to receive, but that is okay, I am in no hurry.  Also, the prices are super reasonable.  This one was $13 with free shipping and that was probably the most I paid.  I even got a better deal, they ask for the best offer, so I bartered with them.

Earl Grey loves when I put together Lego, he loves to play with the blocks.

Enlighten is a building block company that was started in 1994 in China. I would say that they are super comparable to Lego building blocks.

The sets come in bags with detailed instructions.  

This one was one of the more detailed sets.  I love how it came together.  

This was super fun- I think that kids would love it...I'm almost 50 and I had a blast.

Super cute, Bubble Tea Shop!


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