Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Purpose Purple Tea

I found this tea at World Market, with all the sales and discounts the tea was less than .50 a bottle.  I bought almost every bottle almost they had.  I was keeping my fingers crossed I would like the flavor.  And I did like it.

There is a real nice minty flavor and only 60 calories for the entire bottle.  I thought it was good and worth it.  Purple tea is really good for you too.  There are more antioxidants in purple tea than in other teas.

I am giving this tea 4 tea cups.  I enjoyed the flavor and the lack of calories as well.

I also purchased this Lemon Bliss flavor.  It is a winner too.  I  liked the hint of lemon in this tea.

Purpose Tea also give 5% back to help empower the woman who pick the tea.

Purple tea also has less caffeine then black and green teas.  I do enjoy these teas. 

I gave this tea 4 tea cups as well.  I liked this tea flavor.

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