Friday, December 25, 2020

Elephant Tea pot and Amish Fry Pie

In 2006 I went on my first overseas mission trip.  I went with a group of nurses to Africa.  I was the only non-nurse.  We went to help a hospital in Mali West Africa get up and running.

We had a free day and went on safari.  It was a dream come true.  It was incredible, super surreal.  My favorite, hands down, were the elephants.  

One of nurses that went on the trip sent me this wonderful elephant tea pot.  She said that she bought it in Williamsburg.  Every time she sees elephants she thinks of our amazing trip...and I have to admit I do too.

Here we all are....we even slept in this hut the night we did the safari.

We rode on top of the jeep while we drove around looking for animals.  We did an evening sunset tour and then the next morning we got up and drove around a little longer.

We got to see the elephants heading to the watering hole. It was a incredible experience.

I even have video of the elephants charging us...ears flapping and trunks up trumpeting their warning cries to us not to come any closer.

This mom and its calf came back from the watering hole.  It was adorable.

Enjoying my new tea pot and Amish fry pies.  Have you ever had fry pies???
They are hand held pies.  They come in lots of flavors- apple, blueberry, rhubarb, red raspberry, and fruit you can think of.  And then there is my favorite, elderberry.

It does not get much better then using a tea pot that has special memories attached, a great mug, and a sweet treats!

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