Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Yerbae Sparkling water with tea

I was at one of my favorite discount stores, Wooster's, Everything Surplus.  https://everything-surplus.com/

You never know what you will find there.  I often find teas, oat milk, and other fun things.  This time I found Yerbae Sparkling Water.  I love sparkling water and adding tea to it is a bonus.

This pack would sell for around $20 on line and I got it for $3.

I think my favorite of the three was Acai Blueberry, but they were all good.  They had a unique taste to them- but not in bad way.  I liked the added natural flavors.  The flavors are stronger than most flavored sparkling waters, that is a win in my opinion. 

I give this tea water four tea cups.  The flavors are strong and bold.  There are 0 calories.  I am a fan and especially when you find a 12 pack for $3.  I wish I had bought them out, lol.

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