Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I got the Tealightful catalog today!  I am so very excited to look through it and see all the kinds of teas they have out there.


I received four samples, it was a huge dilemma to decide what to try first.  I went for the Blackberry Jazzmint blend.

the tea has a WONDERFUL smell.  I love the smell of mint.  The color is really nice too.

The taste of mint is really strong with hint of blackberry.  I really like it and I can not wait to try the other flavors.

My cat, Shakespeare wanted to smell the tea too.  Well, I really liked the tea. Is that good news???  I think I may want to sell the tea now.  Which may be bad for my wallet...hahaha.  They are about 30 flavors that I want to try now.  Actually the price seems reasonable, knowing what other loose leaf costs and how many cups of tea you can get out of one serving.

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