Sunday, December 1, 2019

Alma - Earl Grey Blue flower

In 2013 I was in Spain on a mission trip and I was introduced to Alma Tea.  I am a fan of the flavors- and the grandma's name was Alma.

This was a nice little cafe in Malaga Spain.


Now 6 years later, I found some tea  in my tea caddy and I enjoyed it.  Even 6 years later this tea is still good.  So, sealed bagged is still good after 6 years- who knew, lol!

Ingredients: black tea with cornflower and bergamot aroma.

 I love Milano Slices peppermint cookies, which are only available at Christmas.   These cookies are really great with Earl Grey Blue Flower tea!!  The mint plays really nice with the black tea and bergamont in the Earl Grey.

The fun surprise in this cup, is this cute cat!!!

This tea is really good.  Not overly strong with the bergamont.  It is nice and mellow.  I did not even add milk to this tea and it was delicious. 

Earl Grey the cat with my cup of Earl Grey

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