Thursday, May 21, 2020

Day 45 QBubble Tea, coconut bubble tea

Happy International Tea Day
Day 45 of working from home.  I am fever free and ready to go!

Today we are going to Taiwan for Bubble Tea.  Happy International Tea Day.

I love Bubble Tea.  I was first introduced to it while visiting my sister in Portland, OR.  I can remember thinking it was so good, I could not wait to have another.
Since then I have had bubble tea all over the world- US, Germany, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is so fun and it seems there are so many ways to make it.

I have Mango, Taro, and Coconut flavors from Qbubble.

I really like Qbubble powder for my bubble tea mix- they have great flavors.
  I used to use the tapiccoa balls- but those take while to make.  So, for the couple of months I have been using bursting boba bubble.  And just recently I got the jelly's to try.

Today I am featuring the Coconut Bubble Tea.  I put the powder in the cup, I add just enough hot water to dissolve the powder, then I fill with cold water and ice.  You can also drink the bubble tea hot too.


There are different options for the "bubbles".  There are Tapioca Balls, Bursting Boba, and Jelly's.  Today I am using coconut mango jelly's.

This bubble tea is so good. I love the mix of coconut and mango.

Qbubble Tea are the number one wholesale supplier of Bubble Tea in New York City.
I see on May 12th they had an online Bubble Tea class- I am so sorry I missed that!  I will have to watch for the next one!

Flavor options- Cantaloup PowderChai Tea PowderGreen Apple PowderGreen Honeydew PowderJapanese Green Tea PowderJasmine Green Tea PowderMilk Tea PowderPapaya PowderPremium Bubble Tea powderTaro PowderThai Tea Powder

I buy on Amazon

Thanks to whoever dropped off these to go cups!  I was in a Zoom meeting for work and found these on my porch.  THANKS!!!

My office sent us employees all a basked of fruit today- what a great surprise!!  What a great company to work for.

My mom stopped in to try my new coconut bubble tea with mango and coconut jelly's- she said it was her favorite bubble tea yet.

 My friend Heidi stopped over and picked up a bubble tea too.

I got a text from cousin, who was working at a food truck today.  She said that our friend, Bonita- who runs the food truck, said that she would trade me food for bubble tea!  DEAL!!  Ashley was kind enough to be the go between and making the delivery and pick up.  I got a pulled pork sandwich and mashed potatoes with pulled pork- Bonita was soo generous.

My final customers of the day were these friends from church. Aaron was making a delivery to a neighbor, so it was fun he and the boys stopped by.


Find joy and give joy!

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