Monday, August 30, 2021

Tea Party at work

I work with a guy who has three little girls.  Last year when we had the shut down I sent the oldest girl some tea and then we had virtual tea party.  I loved it we spent about an hour drinking tea, her sharing with toys with me, telling me Bible stories and just having some fun chit chat.  I loved every moment.

Well, now the girls were coming to the home office, so I decided to throw them a tea party.

My table started out pretty simple.  I soon decided I needed to add treats and bring in hats for all of us to wear.

I picked up this tea set from Melissa and Doug.  I love their great products.

I soon realized I needed a bigger table to all 4 of us and the tea!

How sweet are they?  I made them bubble tea along with 2 other teas.

Bubble tea might have been a hit here with this one.

This one loved mixing the teas and also adding jellybeans.  

I would not necessarily recommend jellybeans in tea....

If you get the chance to have some little ones over for tea, I recommend it.  It doesn't take much and the kids love it.

Overall this tea party was a huge success.  I think the girls enjoyed the tea and cookies...maybe the cookies the most.  But, it was worth it.

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