Saturday, September 4, 2021

Ding Dong Oolong

I love Oolong, it is my favorite kind of tea.  When you make an Oolong, you do not want to boil the water.  I usually go with 175 or 185 degrees.  If you go higher you can bruise the leaves and then it ruins the taste of the tea.  Water temp and steeping time is so important when you make a cuppa.

I purchased this Ding Dong Oolong tea last year when I was at Jungle Jims in Cincinnati.  Jungle Jims is a great place to find a lot of fun and ethnic teas...along with thousands of other items. 

"Tradition is a Taiwanese brand of tea, owned by Good Young Co., Ltd.. Tradition tea is available both loose and in tea bags.

Teas of this brand can be somewhat difficult to obtain. They are sometimes available at Asian markets, and some of their teas are also available through some online vendors, but they do not have the widespread distribution of many Asian brands of tea." RateTea

This tea comes freezer packed inside the tin.  When you open the bag you see this beautiful rolled Taiwanese Oolong Tea.

I took a teaspoon tea and put it in my steeper.  I then added some warm water and swished around to rinse of the tea.  I have learned that some teas are best to rinse...they say another one is the jasmine tea.  You rinse the leaves and walk the tea up

I steeped the tea for about 3 minutes and then let it drip into the mug.

This is a really nice tea.  I am trying more and more to drink unflavored Oolong teas and see if I can learn about their favors.  The flavors are based on so many things- the the climate, the harvest time, the drying, and the origin. 

This is really nice Taiwanese Oolong. The price was good.  The flavors are really nice, smooth, and light.  I was able to make two really nice cups of tea.  I am still learning about these unflavored teas, but I like this one.  It is still hard to beat a good coconut Oolong tea for me.  But, this is step one in me trying to broaden my Oolong horizons. 

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