Sunday, August 29, 2021

Boba Bowl, Butterfly Pea Tea with Lavender Milk and Blueberry Bubbles

Downtown Wooster ohio has a bubble tea shop!  How fun is that?  I needed to check it out....

You pick your base tea, the flavor and then the toppings.  They have a nice amount of bases, flavors and toppings.  I am very impressed with all they have to offer.

The staff is friendly and helpful, as this was my first time visiting them.

Place has nice amount of seating and everything was clean and nice.

They also had some specialty drinks too.

I ordered the Butterfly Pea Tea as my base...butterfly pea tea is an herbal tea with not a ton of flavor and it is caffeine free.  I then asked for Lavender Milk as my flavor and Blueberry Bubbles as the topping.

The flavors were nice and I was pleased with what I was given.  The only down side for me is the cost.  I get that they need to make money and I hope they do really well.  I want them to thrive and be in business for a long time, but $5 for a small bubble tea is just too much for me.  And maybe because I can make bubble tea myself that is part of the reason I think it is pricey, but I would think that $5 would be the large drink, not $7.  But, maybe the novelty of bubble tea with keep people coming.

The flavors are good, the staff was very pleasant, the store was clean.  The only reason they get 4 tea cups and not 5 is the price.    

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