Monday, August 12, 2013

Cool Shapes for your Chai Lattes....

Why foam milk? Because everyone else is doing it? Because you can’t drink straight Chai Lattes all the time? Because without pouring latte art you feel strangely unfulfilled… ?

No, milk is foamed and steamed for one reason and one reason alone, to enhance and elevate the sensory experience of coffee, latte, and espresso in particular.


  1. Place the milk into a pitcher and turn the machine on. Place the froth assistor to the bottom of the pitcher of milk. Turn the steam wand open. Turn it off once milk reaches the desired temperature.
  2. Pick a cup large enough for the Chai Latte and the frothed milk.
  3. Create a heart design in your cup as you hold the cup at a 45-degree angle toward you and pour frothed milk down the side of the cup. Keep pouring in the milk as you bring the cup level forming a round white circle in the center of the cup. Just before leveling the cup, move your hand toward the center of the white circle, as you continue to pour milk and create the heart shape.
  4. Create a sun ray pattern in your Chai Latte by adding frothed milk in a cup. Pour the milk down the side of the cup at a 45-degree angle as you bring the cup level. Insert a stir stick into the center of the white circle of milk, and draw sun rays by pulling the stick out to the side of the cup. Create as many sun rays as you like by repeating this method.
  5. Design a leaf pattern by pouring the frothed milk between the center and the edge of a cup of Chai Latte. Continue pouring the milk as you watch the milk sink to the bottom and resurface on one side. Pour the milk in a sideways motion as you move your hand back and forth toward this side forming the leaf


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