Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tea invites

How fun to get special, hand-made invitations and cards!  My mom is the "Bomb" when it comes to cards.  I have a special board in my bedroom where I put cars from my mom (and a few Karen Barber ones :)).

How are great are these invites???  If you got one of these in the mail would you not want to attend these tea parties? Remember that when you are planning a tea party- find or make fun invitations.

Here are some of other tea cards below.  The first one is made by my friend Karen Barber- big time Stampin' Up stamper and consultant!!!  Karen makes the most beautiful cards, I mean truly amazing!  If you want to check out her cards, check out her blog  ( The second is one my mom made. and then the little green one at the bottom is one I made years ago when I stamped.

I went on Karen's website today and look at this card I found!!


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