Sunday, August 18, 2013

TEAVANA Snow Geisha White

Robin sent me this tea, unfortunately I did not care for it.  I think that I am not a fan of cherries in tea.  It reminded me of cough syrup.  It is not just this tea, I tried Argo Cherry tea and I did not care for it either.  It is to bad, but it did smell good.

Snow Geisha White Tea
Price reflects 2oz (25-30 teaspoons per 2oz)
Luscious Morello cherries plucked straight from the billowing, gorgeous Sakura tree characterize this melodic Eastern treat. Sip this rare blend of delicate rose petals, soft white tea leaves, luscious cherries and candied cranberry that will take you on sublime journey of the senses. SUPERFRUIT ENHANCED

Light and refreshing cherry infusion with rose floral undertones
snow geisha white tea: Snow Geisha White Tea

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