Tuesday, July 23, 2013

PAROMI TEA and painting.....

A lady is painting a mural at work, she has inspired me to paint at home.  I am enjoying tea from my friend Robin again!!!  Robin sent home two kinds of teas from Paromi....an Oolong and a Yerba Mate.   I know is not going to sound good, but I love it when Charlie shows up at work with a little plastic bag for me....hahahaha
she is an amazing painter and she even let me paint some strokes today!  I thought I would come home, brew some tea and try painting.  It is not easy!!!!!

Paromi Oolong lemon & ginger- I liked it, it was strong in ginger.  I am not a huge ginger fan, but the tea was good.
organic oolong tea, organic ginger root, organic lemongrass, natural lemon essence
Here is what the website says about this tea:
Our oolong is produced in Ambootia, a tea estate in the Darjeeling district. Nestled in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4000 feet, the gardens of the estate enjoy a unique combination of climate and elevation that contribute to the gentle, flowery aroma of this distinctive oolong. The addition of zesty Egyptian lemongrass, coupled with the warmth of ginger from Sri Lanka, makes our lively brew one that can be enjoyed throughout the day.
A unique process.
Oxidation plays the most important role in determining the flavor of tea. Oolong tea is only partially oxidized, the product of a unique and delicate process that has made it a favorite among tea enthusiasts for centuries
Paromi Yerba Mate Paradise- I had that tonight.  It was good.  It has a fruity taste to it, I can not put my finger on the flavor, but I really enjoy it!!!   Okay, so I just went to the website to look up the ingredients.  I am still not sure what the fruit was I was tasting, maybe the papaya.
yerba mate, red and green rooibos, apple, lemon grass, carrot, candied papaya, cornflower blossom, sunflower blossom, natural essence pineapple and papaya essence. 
The website also says this:
Yerba mate (pronounced “mah-tay”) is a traditional South American beverage introduced by the Guarani Indians over 300 years ago and still one of the most popular beverages on the continent today. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this legendary leaf draws praise from the Guarani for its nourishing and uplifting benefits. We custom blend the finest Argentinean mate with South African rooibos (pronounced “ROY-bos") and tropical fruit pieces to create a flavor-packed, full-bodied daily ritual.

Flavor Note: Yerba mate is known for its strong taste, one that can take some getting used to. Paradise Mate blends yerba mate with rooibos, fruit pieces, and flowers. The addition of these ingredients makes Paradise Mate much more mellow, fruity, and balanced than a cup of 100% yerba mate. If you want to enjoy the health benefits of yerba mate with a softer touch, Paradise Mate was created for you.
my attempt at painting....

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