Friday, July 12, 2019

Tropical Spice Garden, Tea- Cat Whiskers Tea, Penang Malaysia

With an afternoon off in Penang, my friends and I decided to go to the spice gardens, just a few miles from where we were staying.

Yeng and I were going to rent motorcycles and ride there, but it did not work out.  We took a Grab there, like the Uber in the states.

We wanted to check out the spices and see the Tea area, but it was like 600 degrees out.  I only did a 1/4 of the garden.

There was this little hill we walked up and to try some tea.   I decided after walking up this hill I was done.  I would wait for my friends in the Air Conditioned gift shop!

This was the most beautiful site!  Running cool water and shade.  Here is where the tea was to try.

The tea on tap was Cat's Whiskers.  It was nothing great.  But, glad I walked up the hill to try it.

While I was in the gift shop with AC- I was able to try their chai. Now, that was good. I purchased some of the chai mix to take home.

I also purchased this Kacip Fatimah tea as a joke too.

My friends went to the tea section of the spice garden and took these photos for me.

As were leaving we were standing on a hill looking down at the water.  We saw this man in a boat.  He was waving at us to come take a ride.  Yeng and I were in!!  My cousin was not so sure, but we talked her into it.

This was a boat taxi, so instead of taking a car back to the hotel, we took a boat!!  It was completely fun and spontaneous.  My cousin did not think it was safe...I said like he will kidnap us not safe, or we will drown not safe, lol!
I think it was like $5 US for each of us and a wonderful memory of wading into the water and climbing in the boat...and then jumping out of the boat into the water at our hotel.

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