Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tea at the Orrville Rib Fest

This joint venture between Main Street Orrville and the Orrville Lions Club is set for August 9 & 10, 2013.

Lipton Ice Tea

Fun at the Orrville Rib Fest...I had great time with the Orrville C&MA youth group.  I was able to "work the window" and make sandwiches.   Bob's sausage wagon had really good ice tea as well!!!  For .50 you could get blackberry or peach syrup.  The tea at the rib fest was a nice refreshing drink.  And as you can see in the background Robert Childs is EATING A CRICKET!  We had a little entertainment after the rib fest closed.
great time with all the girls- Ashley Bolin, Brittany Bolin, Libby Wagner, Leah Caskey, Kendra Bowman, Audrey Swartzentruber, Amy Childs, Stacy Coblenz, Olivia Caskey, and Bonita Bowman...Look for us at the Wayne County Fair in Wooster too!

Here I am with the Orrville Lions and the Blues Brothers...

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