Thursday, May 9, 2013

Composting Tea Leaves for your garden!!!

Save your leaves and help your garden!!

This is a 3 days worth of loose leaf teas. I also added bagged tea to the leaves. The bagged leaves in paper bags I leave in the bag and compost in the paper. If they are in the the nylon bags I open them and take out the leaves, since the nylon will not compost.
I read on line that a good place to store the leaves is a card board ice cream container, stored under the sink. I will plan on storing for a week and then adding to my garden.

I am working the tea into the raised beds I have in the back yard

I am not overly green. So, I looked up on line the benefits of composting on line. They say once you've started your compost pile, the microorganisms that are naturally present in the environment will begin to consume and break down the organic materials until they become a rich, moist soil suitable for any home vegetable or flower garden. You will no longer need to buy commercially produced fertilizers and topsoil trucked in from distant points when you have your own supply in your backyard.

Tea leaves add Nitrogen to the ground
Here is a week of loose leaf tea from work.  I am adding the tea to my plant at work for compost....

6/19/2013... here is an update.  I have found a plastic frozen yogurt container that I store my used tea leaves in.  I also took a cool whip container to work to store those leaves in.  I have read that if you have an odor in your refrigerator, you can put loose leaves in there to absorb the odor.  I figure I can store this container in the frig if I need to....

putting the used tea leaves in my garden.  So great for my garden!!!!!!


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