Thursday, April 23, 2020

Day 25 featuring Tea Dude Jasmine Oolong

Day 25 of working from home....I'm fever free and good to go!!


This tea is from Medina, Ohio.

This is an oolong tea- it's a mix of black and green tea.  It is not straight oolong.  But, I have seen this before when black and green are mixed it is sometimes considered an oolong.  

When you have a mix of teas, you want your water temp to be following the lightest tea- in this case, you would heat to the temp you would for green tea.  I would not go over 180 degrees.

I would steep for 3-4 minutes.

This tea has a nice light jasmine aroma.  It is not overpowering or too strong.

The notes in this tea are light too.  You get a subtle tea flavor with light jasmine mixed in.  It is really nice.  I enjoy the flavors.  

Please feel free to stop in and ask for a cup of this tea- or any tea to go!!  It's all free!

Caden Race came by and got some bubble tea for this 13th birthday!


I hope  you are finding joy and giving joy.

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