Monday, April 20, 2020

Sure House, Orrville, Chai Latte with Chili

Today was day 5 of not leaving my house.  

The cat and I were starting to go stir crazy watching for signs of life outside of the house.

I decided to pop into my office and see what was happening there.  And I am very glad I did, I received an order that we are no longer allowed in the office until April 6, maybe longer.

I had tried Sure House chai and I was not a big fan of it.  But, my coworker told me she got it with chili in it and loved it.  So, I got her and I the chai with chili and she was right, it was fantastic!!!! I got my other friend a regular chai.  It is so nice to have this treat.

Visiting my friend Deb at the office.  She and I share our job.  She got selected to stay and work in the office to print our documents for those of us who are working from home.  I miss her and and give her a BIG SHOUT out for gong to the office everyday!!!

Odd to only have like 4 people at the office when there are normally over 20 of us there.  I have to say I love working from home and would do it forever if I could, but I do miss my co-workers.  Not sure when we will get to all work together, but I am so blessed to have a company that lets us work from home.

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