Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 26 featuring Mighty Leaf- Earl Grey/London Fog

Day 26!!  Completed my 5th week of working from home.  I am fever free, so I am good to go!!!

I decided I had not shared any tea from Mighty Tea!  They have great tea, so I wanted to be sure that they were part of my featured teas!!

I am featuring Earl Grey- which is the base for a London Fog Latte.

Make the Earl Grey tea- water temp is over 200 degrees and steep for 3 minutes.
Then I frothed almond milk with vanilla syrup.   Then I mix.
I love the London Fog Latte!!  
The bergamot oil in this tea is nice and subtle.  Some Earl Grey teas can be over powering in bergamot, this one is not. 

Organic black tea and organic bergamot oil

Since I am drinking Earl Grey- I wanted to show you MY Earl Grey!!!  We just celebrated being together 6 months on the 22nd of this month!!  

This afternoon the kettle was working over time...and I loved it!!

One of my best friends since high school, Shonk,  and her daughter , Kaci, biked over.  They had bubble tea and kombucha.  It was so fun seeing them! 

Pastor Paul and Barb and their grandson, stopped over for some bubble tea.  I miss seeing them on a regular basis!!!  These are some of my favorite people!!!

Sarah came over for a Bubble Tea and gave me the most lovely painting!!!  It's Earl Grey- I just love it!!!  She captured him so well- he loves to sit by the window!!!  Sarah is my neighbor and in my Sunday School class at church.  Also, I graduated with her mom, Andrea. 

My coworker Duane and his wife, Nikole, popped over for a London Fog Latte and coconut kombucha.  I knew Nikole was coming, but it was a fun surprise to see Duane!  Nikole used to run a coffee shop- I hope I lived up to her high standards!!


My neighbor, Jody, sent her son over for some bubble tea too.  Fun fact Jody's dad was my high school vice principal and Jody was in a youth group that I worked with for awhile.

So much fun having people from all different aspects of my life coming over to share in something I love. Sharing tea blesses me and I hope those who received it are blessed too.

#KettlesOn #KerriesCupofTea

Find joy and give joy!

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