Saturday, April 25, 2020

Sure House, Chai with Chili

I popped in to get a chai latte with chili and I was super excited to see my friend Rachel was working.  And then as I leaving I ran into my friend Cari.

So, while I was social distancing I was blessed to see two friends!!!

I then headed over to see my friend, Deb.  Who is still working at the house.  She is the one who turned me on to chia with chili.

Sure House makes their chai and then for extra you can add Chili Pepper Simple Syrup!! It is so good!!  I love the extra little kick that it gives the chai.

I was stopped at the door, no one but the 5 working in the home office are allowed in.  So, I talked to a few co-workers from a distance and delivered the chai to Deb.

I miss my friends at work!

Guard at the door...

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